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Our Mission

is to provide a developmentally appropriate, comprehensive counseling program with access to all students. The counselors strive to collaborate with students, parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and the community to provide an equitable, safe, and nurturing environment and to promote and support the academic, social/emotional, and career development of every student, every day!


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JP Gibbons

School Counselor, 8th Grade

Jennifer Merkel

School Counselor, 7th Grade

The Role Of A Counselor

Our Services

Academic Support
The resources on the left were selected by our counselors as additional tools for academic support. It is also recommended that students consult the Program of Studies for the most up-to-date graduation requirements and the student handbook for for the grading policy.

Career Planning
Making sure your skills match your career choice and the job opportunities available is key to success in the workforce after middle and high school. Students considering job search after graduation should make sure they have the right information about employer expectations, pay and benefits, training opportunities, and industry trends.

Our guidance counselors have compiled a list of resources to help prepare students for the world of work and a career after high school. 

As a culmination of our Middle School Career Journey, every 8th grade student will participate in a Career Day in the spring of their 8th grade year to help explore and ask questions of industry leaders in our community.

Social & Emotional Support
We believe education means caring for the whole student. Students are faced with a variety of challenges each day. We recognize that these obstacles don’t disappear during the school day, so our counselors are here to help support each student in a way that meets that student’s individual needs. There is support for social, emotional, and family needs within our state, county, and school district. Our counselors have compiled a list of resources to help serve students and their families with a variety of needs.

Issues like bullying, conflict resolution, social media concerns, and other conflicts are taken very seriously by the Governor Mifflin School District and Counseling Department. Please don’t hesitate to contact your student’s school counselor or administrator right away if there are any immediate concerns involving your child.